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Little Acorns Children’s Club (UK) Ltd is registered as a limited company with Companies House with office at the Parish Hall of St Francis of Assisi Church, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, IG6 2LA

The company runs the Little Acorns Children’s Club, an educational and childcare/development setting consists of a Breakfast Club, Preschool/Nursery, Afterschool Club and a Holiday Club.


Our Vision

  • Little Acorns aims to be a vital part of the community.

  • To provide a range of services by offering information, advice and support to our parents and other community members.

  • To have a safe, flexible and inclusive approach to childcare.

  • Opportunities for early learning for the need of the children at the setting and their families.

Provisions at Little Acorns:

  • High quality childcare at an affordable cost for children at Little Acorns Children’s Club.

  •  Care in several ways - before and after school, wraparound for nursery children and school holiday play-scheme.

  • A reliable service taking children to school, collecting and escorting children from their various schools to the club premises.

  • Play and care which will be sensitive to the individual needs, race, culture, gender and religion of the children in conjunction with their parent/carer.

  • To follow the safety and discipline policies, procedures of the club and to consult with parent/carer.

  • Provision of activities and facilities which facilitate children’s enjoyment, learning and development.

  • A safe and friendly environment in which children experience a sense of well-being and are encouraged to respond positively to the activities offered.

  • Premises equipped and spacious giving the children an opportunity to participate in art, drama, music, cookery activities and physical activities. 

  • Effective social and personal education.

  • To develop and promote positive images of children.

  • To recognise the contribution each and every child can make in reaching their potential.

  • To promote and secure the right equal treatment in all aspects and opportunities offered regardless of culture, race, national origin, language, gender, disability, political beliefs or religion.

  • Appropriate personal support from staff who are skilled and responsible to the needs of the children.

  • Supervision to high levels by qualified and experienced staff who enhance the quality of the provision.

  • Staff who will act as positive role models for children and negative influences will be challenged.

  • High staff to children ratio at all our clubs.

  • The setting is a member of the Early Years Alliance.

  • Works with our local schools, The Redbridge Early Years & Improvement Team, Paragon Skills (Apprenticeship Programmes) St Francis of Assisi Church, Barkingside, Essex. 

Our Motto

“The mighty oak from the little acorn grows”

Our Philosophy

“A child is both hope and a promise for mankind” – Maria Montessori

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